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What is biting me in the Florida Keys?

Updated: Apr 21

Hi this is Liz Kohout, the “Florida Keys Vacation Expert!” (

I often get asked “what’s biting me?”

No-see-ums are also called sand flies and biting midges. Unlike mosquitos, you feel their bite almost immediately and they can cause your skin to react with an itchy bump.

I tell all our vacation renters to remember to bring with them (be for they get here) a generous bottle of Neutrogena Body Oil so to prevent the No-see-ums from biting. It’s that simple. And people don’t realize “these bugs don’t bit all day and night long. Just an hour or two before sunrise and during sunset”. I love to be outside so we sit under big fans because they can’t fly so fell with it’s windy. That is why you don’t get bit during windy days.

If you read this article all the way through, you’ll understand why it’s so good to use the locals favorite Neutrogena Body Oil.

How To Stop No-see-ums From Biting

What are no-see-ums?

No-see-ums are small, flying insects with a painful bite that can be very annoying