Check In Procedures


411 Sombrero Beach Rd. CHECKIN

1. Check in Time is 4:00 PM Check out time is 10:00 AM, there is no early check in or late check out.

2. 411 Sombrero Beach Road Marathon, Florida 33050, Both front doors (first floor Mother-in-law suite and second floor main house) are keyed alike and have keyless locks too. There keyless locks on the first and second floors.  We will give you the combination to the doors for the house when you are paid in full. There are two keys in the downstairs Mother-in-law suite) for both the upstairs and downstairs units.  Please make sure all keys are returned on the hook by the door in the downstair Mother-in-law suite upon leaving.

3. We do provide linens, bath and pool towels. There are 2 California king beds and 2 regular king beds, 1 queen size bed, 1 Murphy Cabinet queen size bed with memory foam mattress and 2 twin beds. We provide pool towels and beach chairs. You can find the towel in the main house in the closet above the washer and dryer too.

4. The Alarm system will be turned off prior to your check-in. And will be turned back on by the cleaning service.

5. Regular Trash goes out on - Sunday and Thursday for early morning pickups at 5 am the next day.

 Tuesday is Recycle garbage day please remember they won't pick it up if you put your recycle material in a plastic garbabe bag. Everything should be rinsed-out and placed loose in the container (the plastic garbage bags get stuck in their processing plant).  Recycle materials are like: plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, glass and metal. 

  • All trash must be in trash bags and in the cans with lids on.

  • Trash cans must be taken to the front of the street like the neighbors do or they won't pick it up.

  • All garbage cans must be taken in off the street after pickup or the city fines us, which we deduct from the security depost.

  • If we need to put out/ remove your trash we will deduct $100.00 off of your security deposit. Please remember to take care of it. We do not want to charge you anything additional.


6. There is a Garbage Disposal on site, please NO Shellfish shells, or corn husk, or grease and Please use cold water only or it will back up for sure!!!

7. The Villa is a NON-Smoking house and we will deduct $500.00 off your security deposit for a heavy cleaning inside or outside the house (including cigarette butts in ash trays or any cigarette butts left on the ground outside the house). If we find cigarette butts in the front yard or back yard we will charge you for having to pick-up all your garbage too! No one wants to see cigarette butts outside of the house if it’s a non-smoking location.

8. The Villa has Wi-Fi, it will come up as: 411 Sombrero - The Pass Word is: Vacation_Villas123

The Alarm system will be turned off prior to your check-in. And will be turned back on by the cleaning service.

9. Eating should only take place in the following areas, kitchens, dinning tables, and Outdoor patio’s and outdoor kitchen and bar area, non of these places are areas to eat food, like a couch or bedrooms are designated areas for eating and drinking we want to keep spills and food from ruining the furniture. Thank you for your help!

10. Outdoor kitchen, there is on a large propane tank you will have no problem with plus the smaller grill is also propane with a small tank, there’s a backup tank behind the grill.

11. The pool company comes every week and usually in the morning. Please no diving at all it’s too dangerous to dive in the pool. It’s a major accident waiting to happen. If the water level is on the low side of the pool skimmers please add water but don’t walk away and leave the hose running (people always forget they turned the water on). All Children MUST be supervised at all times in the pool and canal areas.

12. The landscaper comes every week usually on Monday weather permitting.

13. The steps front and rear, patio and baloneys are all tiled, when they are wet they’re EXTREAMLY SLIPPERY. PLEASE USE CAUTION! There are some pitted areas in the patio that will hold pooled or puddled water after the rest has dried, so when you’re not expecting it and again it will be VERY slippery.

14. If you have any questions the 24 hours contact phone numbers are as follows:


  • Liz 954-263-2995 Cell phone If I don’t respond call Captain Bob

  • Captain Bob 206-310-5974 Cell phone we’re in Delray Beach or Marathon FL

  • I respond to phone calls faster then texting so call us first!

  • We do respond to email’s  liz.ault.123@gmail.com

  • Debbie Stryff our local property manager and house cleaner 305-481-8379


Thermostat Settings: Summer months leave air conditioning on 70, (running the air conditioning lower than 68 will freeze up the compressor and will take 24 hours to thaw so be careful. Please do not lower the thermostat lower than 68.


Our website is: https://www.floridakeysvacationvillas.com incase you would like to know what accommodations and amenities plus check out the “Family Friendly Vacation Rental” button at the very top of the website for a list of all the children, baby and toddler items we have so you don’t have to bring these with you. Save you money and save you packing headaches!



  •  We do have a cleaning service for the basic living cleaning, if any special or heavy duty cleaning is necessary we will deduct additional money off your security deposit. 

  • Please empty all three fridges and freezers especially the bait freezer.

  • We are an island community. All water is brought in via pipeline. Please watch your usage. Never leave the hose on un-attended, even in the pool or boat, hoses blow out all the time with the sun.

  • Make sure all doors are locked when you leave.  


We love our home and we think it shows, and we expect you will want to treat it as your own.


We hope that you enjoyed your stay. Please feel free to leave us a review on at in our Guest Book in the Main House


Thank You Very Much,                                                       


Liz and Captain Bob