Pre Trip Checklist

Pre Trip Checklist

Ready to hit the road? Before you venture off to see the world, make sure you’re laid the groundwork for a successful, safe trip. Don’t leave home without taking care of the following essential tasks.


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Home Pets

Place stop order on mail

Arrange home sitter

Turn off lights/set timer for lights

Close/lock windows

Take out trash

Return library books

Stock up on pet food and litter

Finances Health

Create trip budget

Pay necessary bills in advance

Take out cash at ATM

Obtain Foreign Currency

Get necessary immunizations

Check overseas medical coverage

Place stop order on newspaper

Notify home-security-system co.

Unplug electronics

Turn off AC/fans

Clean out fridge/throw out food

Arrange pet sitter or kennel stay

Obtain documentation for required pet vaccinations

Research entrance fees cost

Notify CC co./bank of travel

Get small bills for tipping

Make copies of passport/ID

Refill prescriptions

Program ICE (“in case of emergency”) number into phone

Finances Health


Check weather

Confirm flight, train, bus res.

Notify friends/family of travel

Check passport expiration date

Check in online/print boarding passes

Set up flight alerts via text

Add new luggage tags to suitcase

Download travel apps/e-books

Set up email away massage

Create/print itinerary

Confirm vacation home reservations

Confirm rental car reservations

Program phone #s into cell

Arrange transportation to airport

Look up baggage fees for airlines

Remove previous airline luggage tags

Weigh packed luggage

Set up travel plan for cell phone

Charge phone, iPod, etc.


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