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Check Out Procedures


411 Sombrero Beach Rd. CHECK OUT LIST

1. Load up the dishwashers and put away all dishes.

2. Empty refrigerator and wipe out shelves. DON’T forget to clean out the bait freezer! Clean out grill if you used it. *Any extra food or supplies that you want to leave may be left in fridge or on kitchen counter and will be donated to those in need. We have a cleaning service for the basic living cleaning, if any special or heavy duty cleaning is necessary we will deduct additional money off your security deposit.

Please remember we’re an island community so water conversation is important. All water is brought in via pipelines. We don’t like to waste water. We don’t like to waste water. Please watch your usage. NEVER leave the garden hose on un-attended, especially if you’re filling the pool. Often people will forget they are filling the pool and walk away it will over flow so DON’T leave the hose on and walk away!!!

3. Please take out all garbage. All garbage must be in plastic garbage bags and put it in the trashcans or recycle bins.

Recycling is picked up Wednesday morning only.

Please take garbage bins out on Sunday and Thursday nights because trash pickup schedule is early Monday and Friday!

Thanks for taking the garbage out so the next guests don't start their vacation with a lot of your trash. REMEMBER to put trashcans in front by the side of the road in cans.

4. Close and lock all windows and doors when you leave.

5. Leave any beds that have been used unmade.

6. Please get some loads of towels started in the washing machine. (There is never enough time to get them all done before next renters arrive).

7. Make sure all pool & yard toys are put away and dock garbage in the cans up front by the green gate. Any life jackets securely put in the box. Make sure all furniture is put back exactly like you found it.

8. All thermostats turned to 77 degrees in the summer and 68 in the winter and all lights off.

9. Go onto VRBO Property # 1758421

and write a raving review of your time here. Also please send an email to: with your suggestions for additions or improvements and to report any broken items. Thank you for your help.

10. Drive safely and come back again. We hope you enjoyed your stay. Please feel free to leave a review on

or email it to and we’ll add it to the website.

Thank you so much!


Thank You So Much! Captain Bob and Liz


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