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What amenities are most popular for vacation homes in Key Colony Beach?

Updated: Apr 21

Good question! We researched what were the most popular amenities for vacation home in Key Colony Beach so we could buy the best vacation rental.

Number one! Swimming pools! Vacation renters won’t book a house unless there is a private pool. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a saltwater swimming pool or not But in the winter months the snowbirds definitely what a heated pool!

Number two! A boat dock so they can bring their fishing boats or rent a boat while they’re down in the Keys. No self-respecting fisherman could come to the Florida Keys without a fishing trip too.

Amenities like fish cutting table and an ice machine will also be at the top of the list. But more important amenities like electricity at the dock and water to wash off the salt when they’re done for the day.

Also, you don’t want to forget about the depth of the water in the canals. You don’t want to rent a house on the wrong canal. Some canals are too shallow during low tide, so it depends on your draft. It would be terrible if you can’t get your boat out when you want too. And when you come back you would have to worry about how high the tide is again to return to the vacation rental. Such a pain!

And don’t forget about the length of the boat dock so it will fit your boat perfectly.

The last amenity for boat owners - no one thinks about is parking for the boat trailer. We have great parking for boat trailers, cars, and trucks at our vacation rentals.