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How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Marathon?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Good question! And you will get as many answers as there are vacation rentals.

Well, it depends on several things:

First it depends on the location some cities allow only 7-night weekly rentals others 28 nightly monthly rentals.

Only Marathon and Key Colony Beach allow 7-night weekly rentals every other vacation rental is a 28 nightly monthly rental in Key Largo, Islamorada, Big Pine, Summerland, Key West too.

Second, it depends on how many bedrooms 2-, 3-, or 4-bedrooms homes verse a 5, 6, 7, 8 bedrooms. Of course, the more bedrooms the higher the nightly rate for any vacation rental in the Florida Keys.

Third, location, location, location! Is the house on the Beach or is the house within walking distance to the beach:

Fourth, it depends on the time of year! If you are coming during high season like winter months or spring break and fishing season in the months of summer or during the slower months like Sept., Oct., Nov.?

Fifth, how many amenities does the vacation rental offer?

The more amenities the more popular the vacation rental is and the more bookings it gets. If it’s on the water and has a deep-water dock for boats (so guest can rent or bring their own boat) to go fishing? If the house has a private heated pool? If the house has an outdoor kitchen plus Tiki Hut dining? If the house is pet-friendly? If the house is fully equipped for families with small children and babies?

So, this is not an easy quick answer. What I can tell you is it’s much more economical than having everyone in your family and all your extended family members plus friends rent lots of hotel rooms.

Vacation rentals by far are much nicer, bigger and the favorite for many, many, families across the U.S.A. Because of all the space, great amenities, and fun times you can live in a private home in the Florida Keys. It’s as if you live in the Keys.

Remember, you don’t have to eat out every night like you do in a hotel room. So, you can potentially save a lot of money on your food bill with you cook all your meal at the vacation rental. Many families enjoy cooking family recipes at the vacation rental. Or grilling your fresh caught fish and eating outdoors in the Tiki Hut making great memories together!

What are you waiting for get a quote now. Book now before your dream vacation rental is all booked up this year!

If you are ready to book a vacation rental with all these amenities, we have the right houses/ villas for you. Check out this beautiful Villas on the water with tons of amenities for the whole family.

619 Sombrero Beach Road, Marathon Florida 6 bedroom 5 bathroom - private pool, boat dock, outdoor kitchen, Tiki Hut, Hot Tub, pool table, etc...

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