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How many vacation rentals are there in/around Marathon?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

There are at more than 750 vacation rentals in Marathon and more than 678 in Key Colony Beach in the Florida Keys.

There are only two cities (Marathon and Key Colony Beach) in the entire Florida Keys that allows 7-night vacation rentals!

Why is this so important? Because if you rent in another area, like Key Largo or Islamorada or Big Pine Key, and Key West, be prepared to pay for at least 28-nights (monthly rental) because by law that is want you will be asked to pay.

All the other vacation rentals in the Florida Keys have to charge you at least 28-night (Monthly rentals) or they will receive huge fines and could also lose their vacation rental license.

Unfortunately, I don’t know too many Americans that can afford to take that much time off work for a monthly vacation. And not many people are unaware of these local vacation rental laws here in the Keys.

So, it is important to know location, location, location, when you’re ready to book a vacation rental.

Marathon and Key Colony Beach are the two most popular family-friendly safe neighborhoods in the Florida Keys that do allow weekly rentals. So don’t wait to book your vacation this year!

Find a unique vacation rental in Marathon or Key Colony Beach for your whole family to enjoy a memorable vacation in Florida Keys.

We have a beautiful vacation rental at 411 Sombrero Beach Road, Marathon Florida - 6 bedroom, 5 bathrooms. Waterfront home with Private pool, boat dock, tiki hut bar, outdoor kitchen and more.

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