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Are Vacation Rentals still banned in Florida?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Vacation rentals in Florida are not banned because Governor Ron DeSantis on June 1, 2020, gave the order to reopen the state of Florida and the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys reopened to visitors after the Island chain was closed for more than two months to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Roadblocks were taken down near Key Largo, where protests took place.

More than half of all the workers and business depend on tourists and the tourist trade to make a living. So, shutting down the entire Keys was devastating to so many people who live in the Keys. Even the commercial and sport fishing businesses where in trouble. 40 captains who operated fishing boats over 76 years had no customers for weeks.

As soon as the barricades where down and the word got out the phones began to ring!

The Keys were on the way back again no longer in shut down! Everything was back to the normal carefree, party atmosphere like the Jimmy Buffet song, “Margaritaville”!

Over all the Keys were relatively unscathed by the corvid virus 3 deaths in a total population of over 80,000 people! All the airports and roads are totally open, and all are invited to come and enjoy the Florida Keys again!

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